The Truth of Why Sean O’Neal Left Mexico and Investment Properties Mexico

Sean O’Neal tells a story of him leaving Mexico after discovering a fraud and wanting nothing to do with Investment Properties Mexico, which like the rest of his stories, is just another Sean O’Neal lie.

Sean O’Neal told Richard that he wanted to move to California to be near his elderly mom and asked Rich if he would buy him out so he would have the money to move and open an office in California and continue working for Investment Properties Mexico remotely. He only “left” IPM when Rich no longer allowed him to work for the company almost a year later.

The Facts

  • In December of 2013, Sean O’Neal approached Richard to discuss Sean moving to California as Sean told Rich that he wanted to move his family and his kids near his elderly mother while she was still alive. At this time Sean O’Neal asked Rich if they could work out a deal where Rich would buy Sean’s portion of the company so that Sean would have the money to be able to move back to California and open an office there from which he would continue to work for Investment Properties Mexico to which Rich agreed.
  • In early March 2014, prior to his move, Sean O’Neal negotiated and signed a new commission agreement with Richard for the sales he would make after he had moved to California as he was opening an office for himself in California from which he would continue to work for the IPM and share deals with the other sales people still in Mexico.
  • March 27, 2014, Sean O’Neal meets Allison, the wife of Rich, at the cell phone company office to transfer his phone number to her so she could answer calls on his real estate signs. At this time he tells Rich and Allison to not tell anyone when they were actually leaving (the next week).
  • Approximately one week later, Sean O’Neal and his family move in the middle of the night, which we find out was to avoid paying his household staff of 6 people the mandatory 3 months salary when a job is terminated. The staff showed up to work the next work day to an empty house and no idea what had happened and called the company to find out what was going on.
  • After this time, Sean sets up an office for himself in California and continues to work for IPM as evidenced by a multitude of emails between himself and most members of the IPM staff during the course of 2014. A couple examples follow:
  • April 11, 2014. Text from Sean O’Neal to Rich: “Anyway, on a positive note, I secured my office yesterday and start pounding the world on Monday. Can you keep some sort of call log on my behalf? One that I can view as well? Furniture still not here. Been sleeping on floor…Life is great amigo.”
  • September 25, 2014. Email from Sean O’Neal to Rich and Sandra, a colleague at IPM. “Just wanted to put in writing that I am working with Sandra on a deal and that I promised her on this and all future deals a 60/40 split on our end of the commission with the 60% going to her.”
  • October 2014. Richard terminates Sean’s access to the company’s sales program.
  • January 15, 2015. Text from Sean O’Neal to Rich. “Hi Rich... Happy New Year. I am through with all the negative shit in my life. Please turn back on the e-mail and Skype. I will make us both over a million dollars this year on my son's life.”
  • January 16, 2015. Text from Sean O’Neal to Rich. “Rich, please let me know what's up. Are you going to make a deposit please? Will you reinstate my e-mail and SF [sales program] today. I really need to start pounding phone today... Please advise.” “One word answer will work amigo, is there anyway to worm back into IPM or are we done senor?”
  • February 3, 2015. Text from Sean O’Neal to Rich. “Ok and good morning. You may use this against me one day over a beer but I fucked up leaving there. We could have worked something out. My family hates it here. Just another challenge huh?”
  • March 27, 2015, one of Sean O’Neal’s fraud victims posts a negative review on IPM’s facebook and from there Richard unravels the depths of Sean O’Neal’s frauds and lies, which is the real reason that Sean O’Neal left Mexico, because Richard and IPM were going to find out the frauds that he had committed.

Sean O’Neal has since been charged with several counts of fraud including a $370,000 usd fraud of an elderly lady, $185,000 usd fraud of his father in law, Hector Aguilar Leyva, and several others, also extortion, defamation and fraud of his previous company and sadly even rape and statuatory rape of a local girl in Mexico whom he got pregnant while she was 17 years old. And more frauds are being discovered. Sean left Mexico to escape all the frauds and crimes he had committed and to attempt to blame them on his previous company.