Stealing Furniture

When Sean made his midnight move, along with his 6 employees, he also neglected to tell his Landlords. Why you may ask? Quite simply because he took all the furniture with him that came with the house when he rented it. He even took the safes that were bolted in. The total estimated value being $190,000.00 PESOS ($10,800.00 USD)

And of course, in true Sean O'Neal style he sent the 70+ year old landlords a threatening email after hearing they had been talking bad of him.

April 3rd 2014, 4:21am:
"I gave great thought as to how I should compose this letter. First of all, I never took your furniture you fucking Jack ass so quit spreading lies. I understand that full blown alcoholics like yourself who have nothing better to do love to gossip and spread unfounded rumors. Why in the hell would I buy your cheap furniture that has gone through 2 dirt bag tenants???????? Did I look broke or destitute to you? Nothing was yours. I honorably paid you more money that any other tenant, never once asked for my 10 grand back, completely renovated your beat up house to the tune of $30,000 and made it saleable. So instead of continuing to spread your infantile little lies maybe you should just say thanks and suck my dick? If you were younger and not a loser alcoholic, I would educate you properly. Instead I feel sorry for you. Go to hell... Now you have a story to tell all your other shallow boozer friends."


Detailed List of Furniture Stolen

Detailed List of Furniture Stolen

The landlord put together a list with all the funiture and accesories that Sean O'Neal took from the house at the moment of leave Mexico. See file.