Sean O'neal Extortion

Once Sean O'Neal was cut off from the company, after revealing the numerous frauds he commited against IPM, he started extortioning the Company telling that if he didn't get money he would start sending emails to clients and posting lies in several websites and social networks.


  • Sean joined the Company IPM DOT COM S. DE R.L. DE C.V. March 31st 2011.
  • He decided to leave Mexico around December 2013 early and I bought his shares on March 4th 2014.
  • We agreed to payment of $100,000.00 USD and a signed a Promissory Note for $250,000.00 USD with a maturity date of April 15th 2016. Monthly payments of a minimum of $8,000 USD beginning April 15th 2014.
  • We have paid him approximately $100,000 USD to date.
  • We have not paid more since he has threatened me and the Company.
  • He is defrauding clients using the Company name.
  • He is extorting me to get money by emailing lies to clients.
  • He is posting lies about me and the Company on the internet.
  • He is making false accusations to clients.
  • He has threatened a number of co-workers.
  • He is blackmailing me and the Company.
  • He has threatened to rape me.




On this document you can clearly see all the conversations between Sean O'Neal, Susan, and third parties (owners of the condo for sale and the manager of the condo) about the deal; including emails, text messages, pictures of bank statements, etc. See file.