Other Stories From Sean O’Neal

Since some folks find it hard to imagine that their could be such a narcissist out there we thought we would begin compiling more of the crazy stories. If you have one of your own, then please contact us to share the insanity.

The Facts

  • A driver parked too close to Sean so he stabbed the tires.
    One evening Sean was giving a ride home to some co-workers of IPM to Puerto Aventuras. They stopped at the local supermarket and entered the shop, upon returning Sean discovered that someone had parked what he thought was too close to him. So he opened his drivers side door, pulled out a knife and stabbed the tires. All very much matter of fact.
  • Tracking down someone that spoke badly of his ex-girlfriend with a knife.
    Another evening, Sean wa also giving a ride home to co-workers of IPM to Puerto Aventuras, Sean explained that he had heard that a business owner was talking badly about his ex girlfriend, so at the horror of the co-workers in the car, Sean pulled up at the restaurant, grabbed the knife from his car and went inside to look for the business owner. Fortunately, he did not find him.